What Is Android One



Android One is a reference platform of Google that will allow any OEM to build affordable Smartphone using up-to-date hardware. This amazing and stupendous software is developed by Google. Today people especially in India are surrounded of Smartphone. There are many companies offering Smartphone but not at affordable prices. So this time Google has made it possible for every person to use the awesome Android One on Smartphone at very low prices.

After a long time finally Google has removed the curtain from its Android One Platform for Smartphone. The news for the launch of Android One has spread like a wildfire in the market. The Android One brought and released by Google runs the latest version of Android and that is 4.4 KitKat. The most amazing and interesting thing of Android One released By Google is that it automatically gets the new operating system very soon after it is released.


It has simplebut powerful features that will impress you for sure. Once you will start using Android One then I am sure that you can’t make your face off from that. The best feature of this app is that you can give your voice commands in Hindi language and it also in 7 other regional languages.  Not only you can write in Hindi language but also can give you voice commands in Hindi to the phone and it will work outstandingly. There are still many people who don’t know much about English and so they use to have lot of difficulties using Smartphone. This low cost budget Android one is especially beneficial for people who have problems regarding English. The cleverly engineering of Android one will help you phone run faster, last longer and take more stunning and eye-catching photos.

There are uncountable features of Android one. One another terrific feature of it is that you can unlock your phone with a password or pattern or by using the image of your face. As in case unfortunately you lose your phone somewhere and you are worried about your personal contacts or files or anything that you were having in your phone then you can find it or lock it or delete your content by using Android Device Manager remotely. In short it is designed in such a way that it will work very well with all your Google apps and services. If I start describing Android One completely then it is never going to end. In short it is simply amazing.

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