The all new Whatsapp for Nokia X, as well as Nokia XL and X+

Whatsapp is a spectacular new app that is used by users of smartphones all over the world. It is an app that allows one to avail text messaging services over the internet via the phones, and the best part of the app is that, one does not need to pay anything for the text messages, unlike regular text services. Even if the user is texting people in different parts of the country or to a whole different country, there is no extra charge that he needs to pay. Naturally, smartphone users across the world have started using this app. Even though there are many other apps that are similar in nature and are giving good competition to Whatsapp with their features, they are still a long way from beating this app’s popularity.

Whatsapp for nokia X+,XL & X

It has been observed that a lot of people are facing problems while trying to download and use Whatsapp on the Nokia X family devices. However, help is here for such people. The all new Whatsapp Plus has been introduced to make it compatible for these devices. So, using this app, one can get Whatsapp for Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+. The steps to get it are as follows:

The very first thing that the user needs to do is uninstall any previous version of Whatsapp, and remove it completely from the device. Then, the APK file has to be downloaded for the device. This is available at different sites on the internet. The APK file can be downloaded on the phone directly, or on the PC. IF it is downloaded on the PC, then, it needs to be transferred on to the phone by connecting it with the PC. The user needs to be careful about having opened Settings, scrolling down and tapping on Security, and here he can tick in front of Unknown Sources and accept the warning. After that, the user can easily install the file by tapping on it and then following the onscreen instructions. This should install Whatsapp on the Nokia X family devices, such that it can be used without any problem.

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