Now We Can Share Our Real Time Location On Facebook Messenger


Recently, Google had added a feature to share live location in a Maps application. After this, Facebook has also added the same feature for its messenger. However, there was an option to share the location on Messenger before, but it was just a quick snapshot of your location on the map. Through the new feature, you will now be able to see where your friends are in real time. Not only this, you will also be able to tell to your friends where you are in real time.

How To Check Real Time Locations?

For this, you only have to click on the location icon. After this, clicking on the More icon will select your location. You can share your location for 60 minutes. Let you know that it can be stopped at any time. With this you can also guess ETA. That is, how long it will take you to reach the location of any person, you will already be estimated. For this, you and the person you want to reach will have to keep the location sharing on.


Let us know that this is a welcome addition. This will prove to be more helpful for you when you are in a new city and you don’t want to be missing. With this, parents can also use this feature to monitor their children.

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