Now Our Favourite Super Mario Run is Available For Android Users

super mario run

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run game is now also available for Android users. Android users can download it from Google Play Store. Like Apple’s iOS, Super Mario Run can also be downloaded for free on Android.

With this, an update to this game has also been released on iOS. It was first made available only on iOS smartphones.

Let us know that in the World Tour, Todd Rally and Kingdom Builder Modes can be free trial. The thing to note is that if you want to play all the levels of the game, then you have to pay $ 9.99 or that of about 654 rupees. This is a one time payment.

The user will have to pay this one time to buy it. Super Mario Run can be played on touchscreen smartphones only. This game is based on the classic Mario Side-scroller.

super mario run

Playing this game is quite easy. For this you just have to tap on the screen. Mario will cross the small difficulties himself, but Mario will have to jump on the big trouble like the trench. For this, you have to constantly tap on the screen.

The user only has to control the character of Mario and he has to reach the final stage. For this you have to go to Google Play Store. Then search the Super Mario Run in the search bar. From there you can download and install it.

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