How to Install Whatsapp for Windows 7 and 8

A large number of apps can be found on Google Play store. These provide quite a good competition to Whatsapp, which, however, still retains its position as the best. The great news is that, it is possible to use Whatsapp on the PC now, which is a particularly good news for those who do not use smartphones. It is now possible to get Whatsapp for Windows 7 and 8, online, free of cost. There are several platforms to do so.

whatapp for windows


While most of the other apps provide additional features which are yet to be introduced in Whatsapp, yet, there is still a lot of time before they can catch up with the popularity of Whatsapp, which almost everyone uses. Whatsapp for PC allows the user to add contacts by entering the phone number, and start chatting with the person without paying anything. There are no international charges, either, thus cutting down a substantial part of the phone bill. It has quite an elegant and simple user interface. With this app, one can opt for unlimited messaging and share photos and videos in the form of files while chatting. That way, it proves to be very useful.

Installation process is quite easy for the same. One of the common platforms for downloading Whatsapp for Windows 7 and 8 is Bluestacks. The user needs to log onto the account, and download it for the Windows PC. Once it is downloaded, it needs to be installed. The user can either choose to download the APK file of Whatsapp, or look for the app by using the search tool at the Bluestacks. Both the ways will provide the same result.

After installing it on the PC, the user will be required to enter his login details, i.e. the mobile number, as well as password. Automatically, the application will sync with the contact numbers of the people on the user’s list. It is to be remembered that this app is not available officially, and hence, sometimes, certain tricks can be found online to be used for running the app on the PC.

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