For those who wonder, how to get Whatsapp for my PC, here is the perfect answer!


Whatsapp is a new and revolutionary software which smartphone users are suing, all around the world. It has become the perfect platform for those who like to keep in touch at all time with their friends and family. The most attractive feature of the app is that, by using it, one can exchange as many texts as he wants with the people on his list, without paying a dime for the individual messages. Earlier, with the regular messaging system via the telecom networks, one had to pay for every text message, and had to get rate- cutters to do so at low cost. These rate- cutters were available on the local text messages only. Besides, with the regulations by TRAI, there were many limitations on these. On top of that, the texts are outside the city limits have high rates. When it comes to international text messages, no one really opts for them because of the extremely high rates. But, Whatsapp solves these problems. Apart from the general rate for the internet services on the phone, there is no additional charge to be paid for the individual text messages, irrespective of where the other person is.

However, there is still huge number of people who have not got access to a smartphone, as yet. These people, hence do not get to avail the extremely advanced features of the app. To help such people out of their misery, it is now possible to use Whatsapp on the PC. This is a good news for people without a smartphone. But, they may wonder: how to get Whatsapp for my PC? Well, the answer is fairly simple, really. It can be downloaded, installed and used for Windows 7/ 8/ XP.

Whatsapp can be downloaded on the PC and can be run as smoothly as on any smartphone, availing all the features. Bluestacks Emulator has to be downloaded first. Whatsapp can be downloaded through this App Player, by using the App Search on the search icon of the App Player. The onscreen instructions are fairly simple.

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